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Valentine's Day Décor: Make it About Romance, Make it Unforgettable!

Posted on February 3, 2018 at 6:40 AM




Many couples celebrate Valentine’s Day out on the town enjoying an exquisite night of cocktails, dinner and dancing. But there are many who would prefer enjoying the evening in the privacy of their own home, if only they could create the perfect ambiance, if only for one night! You can do it every easily with the following suggestions. Remember to plan ahead with a smart timeline and create a realistic budget you can stick with and simply surrender to the possibilities!


Romantic settings mean different things to different people. Here are a few amorous, yet practical ideas that you can use and adapt to your own personal aesthetic to create an exciting, romantic décor just for Valentine’s Day or anytime you want to create a sensual atmosphere.

There are several elements of romantic “staging” you will want to consider in your spaces. Remember, these basics are a guide to take the guesswork out of what to do and what will be the greatest impact in your space. Pay special attention to: Touch, Scent, Sounds, Sights, and Lights.


For touch, start with the removal of existing throw pillows and area rugs. Replace your everyday throw pillows with a variety of oversized silky, satin softly colored and neutral pillows…nothing frilly. Scatter them on your sofa, across the bed and even the floor. Make sure they are made from quality materials and filled with soft down feathers. Swap out your area rug with a sumptuous Flokati or shag in a soft neutral beige, which looks not only looks great with most décor, but also feel wonderful underfoot. Drape a big soft fluffy throw made from sensual cashmere, faux fur or soft blends over your sofa and the foot of your beautifully made bed. This little luxury feels so good next to your skin.


Nothing smells more romantic and pretty than the soft scent of delicate roses. Buy several fresh dozen in one color and place all around the home in simple glass containers on the coffee table, foyer table, powder room, bedroom, kitchen and dining tables. Fresh flowers also create an instant energy boost to any room. Tuck a rose behind your ear to bring softness to your face too.


For visuals, replace everyday table top accessories with elegant silver, sparkling mirrored or crystal embellished decorative trays, bowls, chargers, candlesticks, etc. Think in groups of 3 for balance. For example, place a silver footed bowl of pink rose petals on a table with a mirrored silver tray of dark chocolates and a tall silver candlestick with a pink candle; three sizes, heights and items in similar finishes. Don’t forget to remove the clock from your nightstand, let time stand still. Prop a large oversized mirror against any wall where you’ll be spending most of your evening. Not only does it reflect the beauty of your room, but the beauty of you and your mate.


Don’t stop there, place candlesticks of all sizes around the room you’ll spend most of your time. The candles should be in the same color….pick something that coordinates with your roses or your outfit. Then turn off the table top lamps and dim the chandeliers. Everything, even you, will glow in the soft light created by candles and dimmers.


Finally, softly play your favorite music. Create a romantic mix that starts with upbeat songs and transitions into slower tempos or whatever matches the mood of your evening. Don’t forget to include beautiful stemware and plates to serve your variety of foods and beverages that should include something cool, spicy, bubbly and sweet.


Make February 14th all about romance, make it unforgettable!


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